• Johnny

    One of the reasons why couple fight nowadays is Facebook.

  • Alfred

    Finding a woman that trusts you completely is very rare today. I am glad that I found my “the one”.

  • Jerick

     I hate paranoid girlfriend so if I’m gonna experience this, sorry but we need to end as early as possible.

  • Cathy

    Having arguments in a relationship is healthy. In this way when complicated situations come you are both stronger and handle problems with ease.

  • Melissa

    We woman has this woman instinct. We would feel if something is wrong so constant checking of email and text messages is often not advisable. This will just end you both into an argument.

  • Jessie

    I am guilty as charged. Sometimes checking my boyfriends email and social networking account is very tempting. I know the password so this wont pose any problem.

  • LeMoNdrOp

    i agree. and please girls do not check your guys emails and text messages. have some confidence, your boyfriend is not cheating on you.