• Gemini_99

    I can’t think of anyone else but Beyonce and Shawn, am a big fan of this couple and I really want them to be more stronger and live their life to the fullest!

  • Hanah

    Avid fan of Mariah here, I love to see them both happy and fulfilled with their life now!

  • Miley

    Hmm most of the couple celebrities that I knew were married on a very expensive ways hahaha how I wish I could experience that also…

  • Monica

    Perfect! This 5 lovely couples did it with so much love and passion on being so humble, aren’t they?

  • May Sandra

    SuperLike! As in super! They are awesome!

  • Jeramie

    I did search on google but I can’t find any other couples than this five, the author really knows what to say! I salute you!