• Angel

    I guess trying to get each other’s likes and things in common is a good start.

  • Kim

    For me, Just be yourself and as long as I like the guy. That will works for me really well.

  • Jethro

    I also has the same issue when it comes to first dates that’s based on my own experience. 

  • Unsoultied

     Avoid Talking About Your Past Sex Life is great advice.  It should be a no brainer, but I have so many friends who do this.  

  • Her3hrts

    What had my head spinning in a circle. this good looking sexy 40 yrs old man,he invited me out to lunch that, the second we where face to face he tells, I just cant understand why I cant make women cum in bed, Dame I was so embarrassed and he wonder why I didn’t took him serious, out of a million things you can say on that first date he said that one. later in the week I found out with one of his ex girls that he was warning me since he wasn’t good in bed, I never went out w/him ever again. Dame what a shame he looked good but the shit that came out his mouth was really a big turn off.