• G Dizon

    When we realize that it’s time for us to settle down, which is quite hard to accept, we would love to be in the company of someone we love. And of course, someone who LISTENS. And someone who’s HOT.

  • Rio Ryan

    Someone who’s hot, funny, smart and financially stable. I know it’s difficult to catch this kind of fish, but hey, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  • June Maria D

    Bachelors like me, look beneath the skin (well, most of us) and consider marrying a woman who’s fun to be with and one who can make a sound decision herself. It’s a turn off if we’re always the ones deciding for the both of us.

  • Lea

    Someone who’s on the same level as me– who understands my jokes, takes time to learn my hobbies, and appreciates Sports. This is a life time that we’re talking about and I don’t want a lifetime of argument.

  • Sairiz65

    The epitome of everything Angelina Jolie is a perfect match for me!

  • Alvin

    This may sound corny as a dude , but I believe in love at first sight. Then, everything will fall into place.

  • Rumy

    I would like to marry someone whom I’m sexually compatible with. This is me being honest.