• Cathy

    If you feel that you are just being used, let go! You are just wasting your time and effort and money for him.

  • Gina

    Victoria Beckham is one heck of a mom! But I don’t think that she’s the only one paying for their household expenses.

  • Ashley

    It is not bad to share the expenses when you are having a dinner date. It’s just a sign that you don’t want to take advantage of his kindness.

  • Betty

    It happened to me once that I dated a guy and leave me the pay check. OMG! A major turn-off! The next day, he asked me again have a dinner date with and I said “no! You are not my type of guy.” I hanged the phone. End of the story.LOL!

  • Joy

    A woman’s intuition never fails. Follow you instinct if you think he’s abusive if money matter is involved. Leave him and go find another man.