• Chaney Meshew

    Who should Brad choose? Emily or Chantal? I think that it’s really up to him. Who makes his heart beat faster; her palms sweatier… it’s about LOVE… confusing but he needs to decide fast.

  • Billy Kramb

    Emily or Chantal? This is really going to be a difficult decision for Brad. But whoever wins his heart is indeed very lucky.

  • Bella Rothchild

    It seems that Chantal won the votes of the ex-Bachelor stars; but it is down to Brad who will he choose to have.. Chantal or Emily? They both are really gorgeous, young, and witty women. The only thing missing is BRAD.

  • Julynda Mattison

    I would definitely choose Chantal. She is a very independent and beautiful woman who is out to win the world and Brad of course.. I think they are a perfect match.

  • Wyna Melbourne

    Emily, i think, is the right woman for him. She drives him crazy and nervous with her presence. They are so romantic to watch. Adorable couple. :)

  • Tori Hart

    I agree Wyna, Emily makes him weak at his knees. Her presence really has a great impact on him, so I guess that goes to show that he has deep feelings or attraction for Emily.

  • Love Marie Grossetete

    Nope, I think Chantal is perfect for him. He is really comfortable with Chantal. Friendship is great in any relationship and it is obvious that they are enjoying each other’s company very much.