• Kathleen

    This is great advice, Dr. Tranquility! Could I add: Don’t tell all of your friends what a jerk you ex- is. It’ll just make you feel worse and make them feel like they have to choose sides.

  • Drtranquility

    Thank you Kathleen. This is a good point. It is important to also remember not to protect them either. Their behavior is their own allow them to hold their own accountability or not. Healthy boundries. You don’t owe them anything.

  • Geneladd

    There are enough match makers, but they do not fill the market vacuum. Most are supporting a mirage image of the person. It is a little like a resume, overstated. When they meet they are both primed for disappointment. 

  • Andrewb

    It was a very good article. It makes alot of sense