• Abigael M.

    For me , it doesn’t matter whether we have just met or whatever, what is important is that we are capable of doing what’s best for us and that we are responsible to what we are doing. @_@

  • Rachel Moore

    I better not be in a hurry since I still have so many things to do in life especially with my career..just one step at a time ^_^

  • Natasha

    Recently, I met this guy named Mark and I fell in love with him, do you think it would be best for me to say “yes” asap once he asks me to marry him? I’m already in my late 30s…We’re compatible and deeply in love…Do i need more time?

  • Kyle33

    @1694c8c197772c362e2817c600cfcee9:disqus , I think you need to know each other more, its better for you to do that rather than deciding on something you will truly regret..goodluck

  • Ivory

    I agree with that, finding the “right Guy” is not as easy as choosing canned goods in a store, or even like shopping..we need to be more careful!

  • Hailey

    I’ll be getting married this year and I am so proud to tell you guys that I am an avid reader of cupidspulse, and it has something to do with most of my steps in decision-making..I’ve learned a lot from here, thank you very much and more power!