• Joshua

    Yeah I think that will for me! I’ll just play with the colors.

  • Jules

    The Little Black Dress always works for me. It has to be matched with the perfect accessories…and the shoes.Don’t forget the shoes.

  • ElleW

    It is a must for ever dating individual to wear his/her best during the first date. This is the ‘make it or break it’ part. Ladies, don’t show too much, just enough.Gentlemen, be well-groomed and wear a sexy perfume. We go gaga over that.

  • Amanda

    You can never go wrong with a mini-dress. Put all those assets of yours in the right places and you’re sure to land that 2nd date!

  • Cherry

    Sexy heels and red, luscious lips will do all the trick.

  • Lori

    A basic top and a flirty skirt always works for me. Do not overdo your make-up. Light shades will do. But I agree with the red lipstick.

  • Cassie

    Just be yourself. Your date should like you for who you are, not because you look hot.

  • George

    During dates, I would like a girl to be just simple. I wanna get to know her better. and I agree with the make-up thing. NEVER overdo the make-up please!