• Tina B

    Love her .. what a great couple!

  • Lena Keryc

    I am SO looking forward for this show ahh can’t wait and so happy Cupids Pulse will keep my posted :-)

  • Amber White

    They really are a great couple aren’t they…so nice that they get to work with each other and funny that she said they banter back and forth but its all in fun- my husband and work together and I feel the same way!

  • Sunny

    Thats cool that some of the guys went to their baby shower, nice to know that people do make genuine connections on television shows

  • Samantha Jones

    To the comment below me, I think so too. Hopefully we get to see if any love connections were made too!!

  • Casey Jayne

    I couldn’t agree more, even with a child, one on one time with your spouse is still a must. And Giuliana’s got it right, a good relationship with your partner is one of the best examples you can set for a child

  • D Kaine

    Can’t wait for the season premiere !!