• kevin55

    I heard these reasons from my unmarried aunt and cousin. Lol

  • lewis30

    Getting married is by choice. Even if you get married, you should not be anti-social. 

  • woodly

    This article is great. It’s an eye-opening. I wonder why many people give up these things after getting married. And desperately trying to get back to it once separated. 

  • woodly

    I definitely agree! My wife never asked me to just stay home and take care of the baby on weekends. I still go out with my friends every week, and she just tells me, “be more health conscious” 

  • white

    My wife has been supportive. I really don’tlike going out except when there are important gathering. She told me, that I have to make friends outide! She’s the best. 

  • farah

    MY husband needs to see this… or else, I’ll be in Prison Break!

  • Alfredking

    My wife too! LOL

  • andez

    I love being single! I appreciate myself more than anyone.