• Mere Grey

    I like that this is an internal thing. Beauty in perfections is a great way to think of our lives, we put too much focus on perfection instead of being realistic

  • Dahlia

    Wabi sabi may help a marriage to work out especially if the issue talks about acceptance and indifference. There’s no harm in trying to save a relationship. 

  • Arnie Swank

    A jarred relationship needs professional help in order for the relationship to work out and be saved. 

  • Ramona

    It takes forever to know and be familiar to each other. We need to accept our partner in order for the relationship to work. Our children needs a healthy relationship and family. 

  • Jared

    very interesting and makes me very interested to buy wabi sabi to save our relationship. 

  • Argie

    I have red Wabi Sabi and it really helped a lot in my relationship issues. 

  • Brenda Stuart

    I believe in happily ever after because that’s the love story of my grandparents as well as my own parents. The secret to a healthy relationship is RESPECT…

  • Nancy Cane

    Wow! That’s amazing! Wabi Sabi is really effective and can hep save a distressed partnership. 

  • Ariel

    I’m all about acceptance in a relationship, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends take it *way* too far. There are some things no one should have to put up with!

  • Sarah

    Sounds like an interesting, book, I will have to look for it.

  • Gloria

    Great book choice! Arielle Ford sounds like a very interesting woman :)

  • Britney

    I’m hoping I can convince my husband to read this book…

  • Mere Grey

    Never too late to apply to a relationship… just what I wanted to hear!

  • Sophia Ellenis

    Hold someone in positive regard and that will flow naturally in the relationship itself. So uplifting!