• Miley

    I just feel sorry for Katey and I really hate to see Russell. He is such a total jerk

  • Michelle Armstrong

    I think out of the list the most controversial split up were Kim and Kris because up until now they are like asking for more attention from the people. tsk I hate them especially Kim

  • Jerome14 know what , am just thinking if what really comprises a good marriage or relationship, look at these couples, they have everything, the good looks, good status and popularity, aside from money, but still, they ended up both losers!

  • Rochelle

    Yeah, you’re right! I think what’s really missing here is the “love” itself, as you can see, these Hollywood stars have so many options to make, if they really love each other, they will fix their problems, but since after each divorce they can marry again, they do not even appreciate each other…

  • esther madison

    Isn’t just a matter of who is who and which is which? Look at Tiger Woods and Kobe? They have the money so they can go out with as many girls as they want, which is either because of their money or status in life as well-known celebrities..too bad? or just fair enough?

  • G. Simmons

    Well, that’s the purpose why we have a divorce!!!!