• Ziz

    Number 2 & 5 are rooting for the boys

  • Free Man

    “Will They Ever Settle Down”
    In other words, will they ever give up their freedoms, take huge legal & financial risks of divorce, so that his future ex-wife can steal all his assets at the divorce court?
    Men are waking up & realizing that marriage is a scam, being used by status hungry, gold-diggers.
    You women want equality? Then pay your own damn bills, and stop trying to steal our hard-earned money in divorce courts. Statistics show that women initiate 70% of divorces. Why not write a story on that?
    Or that increasingly more men are boycotting marriage, due to sexism in the divorce courts (mothers win custody in 90% of sole custody cases). You should write a story on that.
    Oh that’s right, I forgot, your female audience might not like to hear the truth.