• James riley

    sounds interesting…motivational

  • michelle summers

    gives you advice on how to face life on it’s own terms

  • jode lowe

    teaches you how to live a balance life..interesting

  • malik patel

    amazing….teaches positivity

  • jeff pattinson

    brilliant mind

  • danny foster

    best source of information about living well…

  • danielle lee

    teaches decision making aspect..great

  • danielle lee

    teaches about marriage…

  • lea oroza

    superb insights

  • paul ramsey

    experts in life lesson..

  • sander diaz

    it emphasize on how to live a happy life

  • kim stone

    creating a new way of life

  • james cowell

    it’s great to have a coach in life for guidance..

  • jimmy maxwell

    this book will give you ideas on how you can better yourself as a person..

  • natalie robinson

    it will give you a better understanding on how you can deal with issues in life..especially when you dont have anyone to turn to

  • Sophie

    Thank you all for such great feedback. If you are single it really is going to help you find a great relationship. Great gift for the Holidays as well. Take the fun and revealing quiz at the beginning to help tailor it to your own life. Enjoy. Any questions you can find me on and follow on twitter @Sophie_Keller.