• Daniel

    I have a friend that she had her first kiss at the church. She cracked me up. Of all the places they choose to hide in a church and kiss in there.

  • Jill

    Couldn’t agree more with you on the sentence “First kiss are usually awkward.”

  • Amethyst

    First kiss can be tough to women too.They will have to think first if she is ready for this and even thinks if she will look cheap if she will respond the kiss.

  • Dave

    I had my first kiss when I was still little but I can not remember it was only mom who relayed me the story. Imagine I was kissing girls already at the age of 6.

  • Katie

    I want to have my first kiss with my fiance on a mountaintop and shouts to the world that he loves me. This could be a romantic event.

  • Jess

    I strongly agree that kissing a girl for the first time is a very nerve wrecking situation that you have to be in.Women are often unpredictable and will always be a mystery.

  • June

    A first kiss with your date in a beach with a sunset setting is the most romantic kiss I can think of.

  • Jay

    If you feel that it should be done then it should happen