• Andy

    I love to have two Christmas as well. That would be great for kids. I am also a single parent and I know how it goes. I just so love reading this kind of post. Happy Holidays.

  • sharon erb

    this was great to read,and,I like Reese Witherspoon to as a actress.As I read it I wish you would have been around early in my life for that sound advice for my sister who had a real bad ex to deal with.

  • Grace

    I really dont know if I can give a gift to my ex though I know I should because its Christmas. :(  I guess I am still affected to what happen to my life

  • Jaja_fox

    Yes, Christmas can be any day of the week, month or year.

  • Pat Barge

    Hi Amy!  You may or may not want to post this publically — obviously, your call.  I posted several days ago on your mom’s blog about how much I appreciated the advice on giving your ex a Christmas gift.  Also, I have read your “Hope After Divorce” book.  Both this column and the book have been enormously supportive, as have my Bishop, his wife, and my Relief Society President.  I did so well before and during the holidays, but now the process is reaching its close and tensions are mounting.  I have made an appointment with LDS Family Services to help me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally ride the roller coaster of emotions.  I think this service could be and should be invaluable because you automatically know that your counselor and you start out on equal footing in terms of a moral and spiritual code.  Hopefully, others with whom you counsel are aware and avail themselves of this aspect of the Church.  Thank you for all you do to reach out to others.  Blessings always, Pat