• phil

    I’m registering right now to! I wanna get some online love going on!

  • Beckie Ross

    It’s only rational that people who’ve found love online should continue their relationship offline too. The virtual world should not be the only place for love although it might really hep you find one.

  • Della

    I think online dating is fun because you’ll get to meet a lot of people and there’s a possibility of a new relationship. I guess the difficult part is to sustain that relationship offline. This is a great campaign by this dating site.

  • Patrick

    I’m no fan of online dating but if they can prove to me that it really works then I’m up for it.

  • Michelle

    It may seem unreal for others because it’s online but the key to finding something that’s ‘real’ is just to be honest and to stop pretending that you are someone you’re not.

  • Chloe

    just go out there (i mean login) and have fun, date (online) and don’t expect that every time you meet someone new he/ she will be the one. Just be yourself and when you finally come to meet her/him do your best to sustain that relationship offline.

  • Heidi Munson

    Fantastic advice – especially topoorly written email! This can be a deal breaker in a digitally driven dating world – especially with SpellCheck and Grammer Check around.

  • hero

    Interesting topic!