• Aidan

    I am a single mother and even if I don’t have the father of my kids with me, My family make sure that everything is provided to the kids, from food, shelter and especially the l;ove and affection they never got from their father. 

  • Akira

    I give them the best of what I have and I always make sure that I have extra time for them even if I am busy from work.

  • Dylan

    I appreciate the effort and congratulate those brave women to face all trials being a single parent.

  • MacKenzie

    I am a single parent since I lost my wife when she was giving birth to our child, yet I never blames my kid for the loss. Instead I focused my attention and my life to our kid.

  • Tyler

    We should devote our time to our kids. For me I don’t need a man anymore. What matters most is my daughter.