• Unsoultied

    It depends on why you broke-up.  If you broke-up for reasons that are no longer an issue (distance, bad timing, etc), then why not try again?  However, if those issues are still there or things just “did not work out” the first time, don’t bother …unless, you just want to have a little familiar fun.  

  • Ivory Turner

    I think I’d give him another chance, since we already have shared times together, it would be much better if we will give each other a second chance…:P

  • Geena Perry

    For me, I will choose to move on…he already hurt me and I believe he can do it again and again….

  • JENNY A.

    He left me and our promises..He asked for his freedom …for some space..I let him go..he promised he’d come back once he’s okay, but I think there is no use of going back to him as he left me all alone during the times that I really need him most…

  • Benjamin Mc’neil

    Sometimes we will only realize the importance of the one we love when its over, when its already gone, and by the mere fact he or she is asking for a second chance, why don’t we just give it a try … and another try until we succeeded or totally failed and then move on… ^_^

  • Ruth M.

    Once its over ..its over! Why would I let him hurt me again? Giving him the chance of opening the door again would just simply make him ruin my life again… :(

  • Winston Parker

    Nobody’s perfect! All of us can commit there’s nothing wrong if we will give each other another chance….