• Carol

    For me she is still so young but that’s their decision as a grown up. Good Luck Miley and Liam.

  • Jane08

    It’s not about the age guys! It’s about the feeling. If a person is not impulsive, and make right decisions, then she could handle it. It’s more of like, deciding who’s the person you want to spend your life with. Instead of being with a partner after another all the time!

  • Grace

    I agree @Jane08 every person knows what right for him or her, despite of the fact that others are being complacent and disregard evidences. More Power! Forever Miley!

  • Dana

    Wow! They look so cool together! I love this couple so much! “Young Love!” like Hanna Montana in real life! Anyway, Liam is such a hot guy! I don’t mind it!

  • Barry

    Miley’s too young to get marry! She has a long way to go. I think it’s better not to waste her talent and career now. if they are really fond of each other, they can wait till she’s 30 or something!