• Rebecca Samuelson

    This movie sounds intense and real good, definitely going to watch it!

  • Melissa F

    Ahh shes so lucky, I can’t believe shes dating Daren Kagasoff. I loved him ever since Secret Life of the American Teenager started, hes so adorable!!

  • loveyqt74

    What great love advice, looking for “the one” can definitely be tricky, I like how she advised things that he shouldn’t be and left the rest open.

  • Bridgette D

    I did not know that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was Canadian. So many wonderful actors and artists come from Canada… but then so does Justine (spelled that way on purpose) Bieber. Well, you can’t get it right every time.

  • Heather Brown

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s advice not to look for Mr. Right is sound. Too much focus on finding the right guy means you’ll probably pass on a lot of good times with guys that may not be Mr. Right, but they are Mr. Fun.

  • April Phillips

    Wow, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood looks amazing in the photo, in a casual, yet made up perfectly sort of way.

  • Jessica D

    Such a fan, can’t wait for her upcoming stuff!