• Amy

    J’LO deserves to be happy and looking at her pic. I think the answer is a BIG YES! but again the question is till when.

  • Lala

    I think J. Lo needs to do what’s best for her! Casper seems to be treating her and her kids well and she looks really happy and that’s what matters most. Great advice but I would stop talking to my ex completely but Jennifer is in a whole other situation

  • Catchme

    Great advice Cupid….when I broke up with my ex, I stop talking to that bitch completely….it made it easy for me to mOve on…

  • Garcellelovely

    I was wondering how long that relationship was going to last. Marc Anthony isn’t the cutest, bout time she realize that she can do better.

  • Newyorksthickest

    You Go Girl!

  • Georgiame

    I think everyone deserves to be happy but coming out of a marriage with kids
    .. I would give myself time to heal… I feel bad for that dude cause I don’t think its serious.. If he feels its just a fling by all means ride the wave. .. You made a lot of good points and I totally agree with the advice listen to Cupids advice J.Lo

  • Chevythug_34

    This all sounds good and I wish ppl were this considerate but greedy ppl won’t worry about their ex feelings… Great advice tho!