• Maryline

    My friend just told me to check your website about some Bachelor Pad Beatdown. This is great! I love watching the videos a lot.

  • Charles

    This is so fun to watch! My full attention is on the videos. I can’t stop laughing. 

  • Susan

    The Episode 1 is funny! I will share this with my friends. They will have an awesome time watching this.

  • Kevin

    This is great! I am not really a fanatic of this show. But this beatdown is so fun to watch. 

  • Laura

    This is just like hanging out with them. I enjoy watching the videos. You get to know their opinions and ideas. 

  • Kathleen

    I agree I enjoy watching the Beatdown more than the original show. You get to know more about them the real deal of the show. Two thumbs up!

  • Pete

    I have to get some ice cold beer to drink while watching this with my friends last night. This is much better than the show itself, no lies or pretentions. Best thing is you will hear what you don’t expect to hear. 

  • Beverly

    I love watching Bachelor pad Beatdown! Jesse’s idea of creating this webisode series is brilliant. The beatdown countdown is something to look forward to.

  • Ralph

    This is nice. My friend shared this through facebook. This is worth checking. I realized I was watching the first episode up until the end. I can’t wait to check the other episodes.

  • Jackie

    The beatdown episodes kept me busy all day. This show was the best thing I watched today.  With all things uncensored, they don’t need to lie at all!