• Jazzy Klein

    The N’SYNC reunion was incredible!!! I love Joey Fatone.

  • Cindy Lou

    Joey Fatone is a man with many hats and its great he is such a family man.

  • Priscilla Hart

    I hope he can make time to make new music while he’s doing his cooking show :D

  • Karen Watts

    I had such a huge crush on Joey Fatone back when n’sync as what I was listening to. Like Joey, I got older and tastes change.

  • Sally Forrester

    It’s nice that Joey Fatone is such a regular guy with a focus on family. Of course he never was like the host of sleaze bag musicians in the industry. He always was and obviously still is classy.

  • Pam Simpson

    I have always thought Joey Fatone what the coolest member of N’SYNC – way cooler than Justin Timberlake.

  • Kimberly Murrow

    Joey Fatone sounds like a name you can trust to come up with a decent pasta sauce, doesn’t it?

  • Klair H

    My Family Recipe Rocks sounds pretty cool from what I read here.

  • June

    Joey Fatone what great on Dancing with the Stars

  • Amy J

    Joey Fatone is going to succeed at whatever he does. He is a pretty amazing guy.

  • Alica M

    It’s noble that My Family Recipe Rocks is aiming to bring families together over meals. Great that Joey Fatone is involved.