• Tom Lively

    I have never been divorced but I agree it is important to remain allies for those innocent ones. Get a mediator so you are not always in court. Get a panel of mediators. The economic devastation to both people and the children is a given so realize its no longer about you but it is about getting those kids to 18. Go easy on the booze and tobacco. Quit caffeine completely if possible and get off all soda drinks Quit alcohol and tobacco completely too if possible.  Become your own friend for a good 21 months. Emotional intelligence is important for those children. My parents fought and should have been divorced because they fought in front of us then stayed together for us. Yet the tension was always there and what a blessing to talk to either one of them when they were in separate cities or rooms. They were both so at peace with the universe when I could talk to them separately. They lashed out at me when they were together and still do to this day. The best I can do is to stay away for my own sake and try to talk to them when they are separate. 

  • AMarriott

    Kate, GET A JOB!  DO NOT INVOLVE YOUR CHILDREN IN THIS!  it’s your responibility.  You decided to have 8 children.  YOUR JOB NOT THEIRS!  Can U blame TLC for canceling your show? REALLY?  you complained whereever you were or whatever you were doing!