• Jay Brian

    Sweet! Wedding proposal during a quite date night at home… 

  • Jay gray

    Just engaged? Quite sure they’re excited planning for the biggest day of their lives.

  • Bruce B.

    kaley and cuoco engaged? surely they’ll make wonderful and cute kids!

  • Angel Adamson

    They really look good together and with the spark I could see form their eyes I know they will definitely workout as a married couple.

  • Zyl Bayeo

    Engaged and excited for the wedding plans? Bet after a few months they’ll get a divorce.

  • Arnie Swank

    Getting married is easy but make sure you have the best partner for keeps!

  • Dorthy steves

    Agree, Marriage is a sacred sacrament 2 people share.

  • Jared Fable

    I don’t think so,
    they’re just at the peak of excitement right now, after that? Boom! Divorce

  • Argie Humpry

    They’re in love! SO why react negatively?