• Tia

    I had no idea Kathy Hilton was designing a clothing line. Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Picky one

    There’s always a lot of fun and excitement happening around the Hiltons! I bet she does well on this venture.

  • Kerri Jones

    I have never seen anything from The Kathy Hilton Collection, but then up here in Canada we miss out on a lot of designers’ collections unless we live in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.

  • J Warren

    Kathy Hilton started out as an actress just after she married Richard Hilton and has always been her own woman. Odd that her daughters look a lot like her, but their careers are based on trading on the family name. They did not get that trait from either of their parents, or any Hilton from what I know of the family. Now Kathy is a clothing designer. A powerhouse of a woman.

  • D Jacquis

    An amazing woman. Kathy Hilton empowers all women just by being herself, a dynamo businesswoman.

  • Mary D

    I am not going to ever see the Kathy Hilton Collection in any store in my backwater town. Have to wait until I get to Dallas or Houston. Adding it to my to do list.

  • Lena U

    The Kathy Hilton Collection has been around since the spring of 2011. I wonder if I have seen anything from the collection but just did not recognize it for what it was.

  • Clair J

    Does accessibility mean affordability when it comes to The Kathy Hilton Collection? For me it would.

  • Patsy Jones

    I admire Kathy Hilton so much for all that she has accomplished in her life. She’s a very inspiring woman.