• Guinevere Tamara

    Yeah ive had some
    experience with fantasy relationships; and it’s really nauseatingly good that
    it’s like a dream.. And you don’t wanna wake up; but dang! It will hit you
    suddenly and jolt you to reality.

  • Terry Bennett

    Sometimes fantasy
    relationships can be an escape; it’s just a casual encounter; a pasttime of
    some sort.

  • Red Clarion

    It’s better to be
    out of a false relationship than be miserable for a long time.

  • Brenda Kingston

    They look so
    perfectly inlove with each other. Why do good things never last? I think it
    was love. But maybe it wasn’t meant to be for keeps.

  • Vanny

    Getting married is a big thing, That is why all issues should be take cared of.

  • Anne M.

    I haven’t expected that Kim will be getting a divorce after a short period of marriage. They were so in love with each other!

  • Jade Deep

    Divorce in such a short period of marriage I guess is not the solution but it is better to take some time off. Think and create the greatest solution for the marriage to work out.

  • Sue Miller

    Shocked upon reading this write up! Well they should have learned to accept the fact they are reality TV couple. And should take its demand in a better way,