• akoe

    it’s more fun to be single.. :) No worries No heartbreak,no heartache ..Nice to be single.

  • mend

    No. 4 definitely right I’m 1 in a 1 million of single-world i believe having a relationship is really really hard! I experience that! 

  • pat

    Nyak! I strongly disagree :) Having a someone you love is one of the best thing in your life one of the most happiest thing that ever happen.

  • mylove

     yarryt! Pat!! I’m in a relationship mode with my 5 years girlfriend we are really happy!

  • labs

     Same here! I’m happily taken by the Best! :) Get lost singles!

  • mollie

    Though  I’m single I’m still happy :) It doesn’t matter  if you are in a relationship to someone the most important is the happiness.