• Grace S.

    Wow… what a very nice and informative advice! I can’t believe that you can give us such kind of ideas, so positive and so encouraging! I really don’t know what to say…. ^_^

  • Chantelle V.

    This is an awesome discussion of how we will face our fears of our own identity..sometimes its also acceptable to have white lies in order to protect ourselves, but the only question is up to what extent?

  • Rose_12

    Its really awkward and a little dismayed for us if we are being loved by somebody on a different personality we’ve shown to them..of course its our fault because we lied, but on the other hand, @Chantelle V. you may be right…:)

  • Pamela

    Yes, I agree that we should minimize what we are telling others about us for our security also :D

  • Kevin

    Most of the times we are being misunderstood on how we keep things especially if its about personal matters, although on other people, its already their habit of telling lies XDD

  • Olivia

    Yes! I agree that we should be natural and honest in dealing with the people around us most especially when it comes to any kind of relationship, because once we have made a negative impression its really hard to fix things anymore..:(

  • Ross Walter

    Hmm, I think no matter how hard we tried to hide things, if that person really loves you, he will accept you whoever you are, no matter what happens…

  • Heidi Munson

    Chanetelle and all – wonderful thoughts here – amazing how we all maybe share similar challenges no matter where we come from. Thanks and keep up the positive energy – Love it!!!