• Katrina Relldem

    I don’t know who is cuter in that pic….Brandon or the puppies. I’d take all of them home. Tehetehe

  • Holly Strifler

    This show is a great concept bringing rescue dogs and families together. I have a rescue dog and its the best thing i’ve ever done for him and my family. Can’t wait to watch this show.

  • Kimberly Murrow

    I love dogs, so I am sure I am going to love Lucky Dog. I don’t watch reality shows because they as so far from being real. But rescuing condemned dogs sounds like something I would really enjoy. Missed the premiere though :(

  • Janice Henderson

    McMillan is right about a couple not agreeing on breed or size, or even name. Without having read this post my husband and I agreed to go to the animal shelter and see what dogs that had and which took our fancy. Ironically it was a Dalmatian, Black Lab cross puppy that was a complete compromise.

  • Jill W

    A great article, but it was the cute photo of of Brandon McMillan with the adorable puppies that hooked me.

  • Martha

    When I adopted my dog from a rescue, I knew instantly that he was the dog for me. Its true, the dog should pick the owner.

  • LouAnn

    Can’t believe women are not crawling all over him like puppies lol kindness is very sexy