• Kim Seltzer

    Great article! Half the battle with dating is really being clear in what it is you want. And there is NOTHING wrong with having a fun fling if that is where you are at. In fact, it could be healthy. This is especially true when dating right after divorce or a brake up… you aren’t ready for a full blown committed situation! To this point, check out my article in Huffington Post on ways to get back out there and date after divorce

  • DrTranquilityLydia

    Thanks Kim! Loved your article!

  • Kathleen Barnes

    Dr. Tranquility hits it right on the nail, AGAIN! I especially love the part about being honest about your intentions and expectations.

  • Margaret Rogers Van Coops

    It is fun to discover a person. I like to just go with the flow and enjoy what a person shows me. Of course, one must not judge or expect too much. That will spoil the fun!

  • DrTranquility

    Thanks DR. Margaret for your comments!

  • Dr.Tranquility

    Thanks Kathleen!