• Daniella Marx

    love Kevin Bacon’s quote hahaha

  • Fran Kesler

    I agree! My husband and I really can’t STAND the Valentine’s Day hype. Why not go out to dinner once a week instead of once a month! Also, why not get flowers at work for no reason??

  • Kim Seltzer

    Great article! The best way to keep the spark going is to infuse a little spontaneity with your partner and cherish one another no matter what day it is!

  • Dr. Tranquility

    Thank you Kim. I can’t agree how important this is. I am so glad this made it’s way through this piece. aIt is so fundamental to enjoy your dates and fun with both the experience and the process. Many blessings and dates for all Dr. Tranquility-Lydia.

  • Dr. Tranquility-Lydia

    Fran I couldn’t agree more. On this site are some awesome weekend date ideas we also have some amazing travel ideas on Thanks for your imput. You can always send over your suggestions that work for you to me and we will include them in an article with credit going to you of course: )

  • Dr.Tranquility

    So do I thanks for responding.