• Anastasia M

    Denise Richards has such beautiful children… which I guess makes sense. I mean, look at her! Hard to believe Charlie Sheen is included in the gene pool. That was mean I know.

  • Nadia MacNeil

    Denise Richards is so much the better choice as a guardian for Charlie and Brook’s son than either one of those two train wrecks could ever be.

  • Desiree

    When the topic is on celebrity divorces Charlie Sheen’s marriage fiascos come to mind, but top of the list it Mel Gibson. I will never forget hearing that tape of him swearing at his wife on the phone, and her the mother of his child. Denise Richards has class, always has, which makes me wonder what she ever saw in Charlie Sheen.

  • Michele

    As a kid victim of her parents’ nasty divorce I can say first hand Denise Richards is special and what she is doing now will pay off later in those kid’s lives.