• Dona

    Communicating your real feeling is really helpful in keeping a relationship strong. It’s the key for both partner to understand each other.

  • Ashlee

    Priscilla Chan is one lucky bride. Mark have everything that a woman can actually wish for. Fame and fortune.

  • Sally

    It’s always right to have a positive outlook in your relationship. You will always find something negative about your partner but who doesn’t have that? No one is perfect. You should accept your partner despite the flaws that he have.

  • Marylou

    Hope their marriage will work. They look like they really love each other. I love the fact that the wedding was done privately, best way to enjoy a special occasion like that.

  • Sofia

    Don’t waste your time looking at other people’s profiles, in other words this means that, you should now stop looking for other girls and be faithful. All men should obey this one.

  • Manuel

    These tips are really helpful. Makes absolute sense. Zuckerburg will be a good married guy.