• Lisa

    I dread February because it’s the love month! Maybe I’ll treat myself that day to a spa.

  • Melanie

    i know lisa, its a toughie…the spa i love to go to is beverly hot springs, (not romantic) they have a hot mineral pool, steam room, sauna and the treatment i have is: the body scrub and body care…i leave there feeling a million dollars!

  • Elen

    I love this article. Instead of staying home, I’ll have a day out with all my single friends!

  • Claire

    I’m sure my boyfriend will have something romantic planned for the both of us. My problem is, I don’t have a gift for him yet. 

  • melanie

    fantastic elen! you could do a “secret (santa) valentine’s” gift…just agree on a max amount. have fun!

  • melanie

    thats wonderful to hear, most men need a little nudge but it sounds like you have a good one! one simple suggestion is a coupon buy them from most card shops/book stores and they have all different things in there, some fun, some sexy, some romantic and he can “cash them in” when he wants….

  • Gerard

    I’ll probably stay home on Valentines because I hate too see couples being sweet and all while I’m all alone!

  • Loveless Man

    I’m a non-believer of Valentine’s Day. Why not show your loved ones how much you love them every day?

  • Ben Lover

    I’ll find someone worth dating instead of sulking at home.

  • Melanie Mar

    gerard, how about going to see a movie that is specifically not for couples/girls?…at least that way you’re out of the house, you’re entertained and you don’t have to see the happy couples! 

  • melanie mar

    i totally agree loveless man, we should show our feelings to our loved ones every day, thats why i suggested using valentines as a bonus to show extra love! :) whatever you do have a lovely time.

  • melanie mar

    loving your positive thinking ben! when you go “hunting” think about what you are looking for in a partner, shared interests etc and go to the places where you’ll find them.