• Samantha Everly

    I would LOVE to taste this wine. She is so crazy!

  • Roberta Simms

    That cake looks incredible. Very talented cake maker to make it look so much like the real bottle of wine.

  • Fay M

    Angela Raiola, aka Big Ang is a sort of bigger than life personality so I guess it stands to reason she would get behind product launches. And what could be more in character than a big Italian woman promoting a wine brand.

  • Joan Richie

    I never watch reality TV so I have never seen Angela Raiola’s show, but her wine brand sounds interesting and I love wine.

  • Kris S

    Wow does Angela Raiola ever look different than I remember her when she appeared on Mob Wives. Nuff said.

  • Alice J

    I have no idea what Big Ang’s reality show called Miami Monkey is about. However, my first instinct is to add it to the parental control list on the TV based only on the title.

  • Toni E

    Big Ang is so real I love her.

  • Minnie S

    Big Ang cracks me up, but in a good way. She’s one of the most interesting people on TV.

  • Candace Kane

    This looks like a wine I will like. Following on FB and Twitter.

  • swalkerz

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