• Rachel T

    It would be amazing if this product really works. I have to get my hair done every three weeks. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Tiloe James

    I love red hair. Looks so much better than blonde. Brightens up her face.

  • Leanna Wells

    Glad Molly Sims did not cut her hair. Long hair is her look, and long red hair all the most so. I’m a brunette, and my one attempt to change to a red head went horribly wrong. Not sure what color to call it, but red it wasn’t. Molly’s color of red is exactly what I was going for.

  • Kira H.

    I always thought Molly Sims look fabulous as a blonde. But now I see her as a red head I realize she would look fabulous no matter what hair color she chooses.

  • Mary G.

    Ever since I saw Poppy Montgomery in Unforgettable I have wanted to go red, but never had the nerve. My original color is much like Molly’s blonde. Since it turned out fantastic, I think I will go for it.

  • Beverly Keller

    Molly Sims as a redhead is a transformation for sure. IMHO it is for the better too. She looks amazing!

  • Liz J.

    Lori, great interview with Molly Sims! I’m no authority on hair color, but I have a feeling Molly could pull off Mousy Brown she is so attractive.