• Avani

    I would love be out with this boy, he sounds divine.  (Vik, not Lester!)

  • Cyril Bennett

    The real secret indeed to making a woman fall in love is thru making her laugh; and making it all real; no pretensions.. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment of togetherness.. :)

  • Raffaela Madison

    Coming from a guy, it’s so awesome to know that men like Vik Sahay realize that the physical does not really take you that far in a relationship. The personality matters more in the long run.. This is one guy you would really love to talk to and just chill… :)

  • Shannah Grose

    Being the ultimate gentleman still does the trick to women… But be careful not to overdo things because it won’t be that spontaneous and it will just be for show. Be gentle yet interesting. These tips surely explains why Vik Sahay continues to be a woman-magnet.

  • Adrian Belcastro

    This guy surely has lots of tricks up his sleeve with regards to women and dating. Thanks for all the hints dude! :) I believe that the key to making a woman like you or fall for you is by being real, spontaneous, sensitive, and gentle. I agree with all the tips Vik Sahay has shared in the post. This a great post! Keep it coming…

  • Jam Oeder

    Music, food, setting, and a great guy to share it with would definitely be the best date ever. The fun in a date starts with things that are unplanned, the perks and surprises which will show the reality of people..and that’s what matters in every encounter.

  • Cindy Schimmel

    Vik Sahay knows
    what he is talking about. He has a genuine and sensitive nature that makes
    him really appealing to women. It is true that a well-toned and muscular body would appeal to the eyes for a few lingering seconds or minutes; but what will make you drawn to a guy is his personality. The superficial rarely matters. Great tips for guys so check ‘em out! :)

  • Jana Daines

    I think what women really desire in every relationship is love and attention. And that’s exactly what Vik Sahay is trying to say. It is not the price and extravagance of things, but the effort that counts most.. So cool!

  • Griffin9333

    A pure sense of humor really is a big thing for women to be attracted towards men. Keep her laughing and she might just fall for you!

  • Graysonadamd

    Sensibility and style. These are two things that make a man sexy.

  • Johnandnat23

    I love a man who can be real and unpretentious and just be spontaneous with a girl 

  • Vb_construction

    I love the tips. Thgese are really easy to do and  are very interesting