• Kimberly

    Being honest to each other at all time is really hard though it surely is one of the best solutions to prevent a relationship from getting cold. 

  • Rose

    This is amazing! I got lots of very wonderful points about marriage in this page. Love it!

  • Gemma

    Yeah me too! I admire them as a couple but looking at them now makes me pity them. 

  • Jamie Lim

    I like this 911 thing especially the simple steps because it make sense and hope it will help my relationship too.

  • Nia

    @187e6da7f2bdbde0f16d11204a4d8d40:disqus Its hard alright but that is what should be the right thing to do.

  • Jason

    This news about Russel and Katey surely did make a noise in this industry. I heard Katey is now having her tour and was busy kissing foreign youngsters on her concert. I guess that’s just part of her gig.