• Phoemela Atkins

     Blondie is spectacular to watch. And I so love her hair up-do’s .. No wonder she made it to the top of the contest! She has fabulous style. Simple and doable; but ultra fabulous. :)

  • Oliver Reynolds

     She sure is one hot mom! A looker who is an expert in making women look gorgeous. I admire women who can multitask very well. Driven and ambitious, yet are able to take care of family. Reminds me of my own mom and wife who are both go-getters! Cheers!

  • Yanni Neilsen

    I love her simple tips for hair do’s from work to a date! It’s very classic yet it changes your aura from daytime job to a night vixen. She is the coolest! Good luck to her. I know that she will go far in her career!

  • Valerie Black

     I just broke up with my guy; and I think that I should change my hair color to red. It’s great that I stumbled upon this blog and Ashley’s advice. Thanks so much. I definitely felt much better now. I believe that it doesn’t take just a change in hairstyle or color to make a girl feel better about a breakup; but it’s a good start. Thanks Blondie!

  • Kazmer Roberts

    Ashley is really awesome. She definitely has a flair for fashion. She is a natural with this craft. I definitely like her tips for dating and hairstyle as well as practical daily hairstyle tips. I have my own salon too and I see her as one of my icons in the business.