• Warwick

    Definitely Prince William and Princess Catherine always gets our attention even if they are just feeding their dogs…it can be a headline..

  • Mishka

    Beyonce and JayZ. they are the cutest. I like how JayZ show his love to Beyonce. They are amazing private couple

  • Stephen Jackson

    J and B should be on the 2nd list. I love them the most and I think they are the most powerful couples.

  • Nathan

    I agree and its funny though they are still popular because they are born to be that way

  • Doris

    The Beckhams should have definitely made this list. They’re totally a (hot) celebrity power couple.

  • Unsoultied

    No doubt Angie and Brad HAD to be on the list.  They are so beautiful and Angie is the only bad girl/humanitarian out there! Totally agree with other commenter about the Posh and David.  Love them, but they often slip my mind, as well, these days.  Nick and mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  So, I will keep my opinion of the couple to myself.