• jhane lowe

    It’s never a good idea! 

  • paul_john

    Yeah, if you confirmed your relationship via SMS then it deserves to end in SMS. lol

  • gael

    I would definitely agree with the third Love expert. Breaking up by text message is ridiculous and disrespectful, not only to any sides, but to the relationship. It would make you really feel that the relationship never had any importance. 

  • danna

    I’m sorry but I beg to disagree with you people. Well, it’s a freedom of speech so it’s up to you to judge me, I usually break up with my boyfriends via text message. Not because I didn’t value the relationship, it’s just that I really didn’t have the guts to say it personally. I’m afraid to change my mind if I talked to them personally. 

  • robskein

    of course! You’re opinion is being respected. You just have your own style of doing it. and many people do the same thing. (guilty) #ROFL