• Ms. Broken Hearted

    I am now dating someone new after my break up 2 days ago and I just felt really bad to what I did after reading what you’ve said. That’s why I still feel the pain. 

  • Elaiza

    I know sometimes we need to be alone to get our mind straight but I really can’t think straight. Maybe I am still in love with him and I cant move one without him. I badly need help.

  • Rachel

    Just don’t think of any thoughts of him then you can think straight.

  • Thalia

    I will definitely buy the Breakup Bible <3

  • Angeline

    I love this book and hope it reach out more broken hearted women worldwide.

  • Francine

    Me too @4c34fc56f3b404a6fef9e0a6bc985725:disqus 

  • Aimee Smithersons

    Rachel A. Sussman you are the BEST! I really love your work.