• Bobby

    Good point! Love wont just knock on the door and say hi please accept me. Definitely true that we need to go out and join the single people to get that chance we’ve always wanted. I admit that I am single and still searching. My hopes are high.

  • Sora

    Being single is nice but not forever. I can relate to this and I also hope that my date tomorrow will be the one. Wish me luck.

  • Louie

    hmm.. I guess you have a point and I think I will try my luck. 

  • Bruce

    I actually believe in destiny while I was young but after reading this…I think I should make my own destiny. Valentines is a month away so I think I should be prepared and get a date.

  • Chinley Lopez

    Never rush things for the right time will definitely come. Just like my aunt, she got married at the age of 58. She waited for the man she prayed and asked from God.  

  • Jennifer

    I love this article. Made my day believe and has high hopes that everything need not to be rushed, because Love will come at the right time and at the right place.