• priscilla

    So you guys couldn’t wait just a few more weeks? The love that you two shared was so beautiful angela. I really hope that the two of you can give it a try again. Wish both of you all the best

  • Donna

    Angela, You are amazing. I am so sad about your relationship not working out. God knows what is best for you, and if it’s meant to be, your prince charming will in fact be Ben and he’ll be back. In the meantime, I give you so much credit for putting it in gods hands and letting things be as they may, and not giving up on hope. You never cease to amaze me.

  • Gina

    Another person who “finds” love and then goes on to sell books and jewelry. It’s a joke. They all use it to promote themselves or to get a job in the industry. Sorry not buying it.

  • buckeyebubba

    As I wrote on Ben’s page, if you guys were really in love, and wanted it to work, you would have found a way. There are hundreds of ways to be creative for these months. What do you think people do who’s mates are at war for a year, and sometimes multiple years and out of the country under threats to their lives? For a new and strong relationship to take hold it must be the first and highest priority over all other things, including the jobs, family, friends, and other distractions. One or both of the parties MUST make sacrifices in order for it to work and survive. A great love is worth crawling to hell and back. Hope you find it. The “time and distance” excuse just isn’t a very strong reason to call off something if it’s really love. Best wishes and good luck in finding your real prince.

  • buckeyebubba

    Yea…a few more weeks and the hiding would have been over. Strange, huh? Why didn’t she call Ben from the hotel that night and go back to his apartment with him instead of shooting pool with a security guard? That makes no sense to be so close and not take advantage of being together without cameras. I know I would have found a way to be with my girl no matter what.

  • Rivka

    It does take a lot of time to build that foundation that will see you through tough times. First, attraction has to turn into bonding, and that takes time. If the tough times come too early, they are destructive. This applies to friendship also. I am lucky to have an enduring friendship that has amazingly survived. But me and my friend had months together, in peace, building our bond. The came tough times. Then we became closer than ever. Now it’s been three years. Same principle for romance.

  • Linda

    They didn’t have phones- u don’t know the details.

  • buckeyebubba

    That’s pretty ridiculous. 10 months and they don’t have cell phone????? They are in business. Ben is a CEO, she is a TV sports commentator and in communications. No phone????Really????? If necessary to keep secret, just buy a Trac Phone from the super market that’s untraceable. If you want to make love happen there are ways to do this. It seems that they were just not that committed after the show ended. She could have moved to Dallas and gotten an apartment. Tim and Jenna, both in Austin, made it work. They were committed to the relationship. I think that Jenna would have moved to where ever Tim was located and stayed discreet and would have made things work. They did, still going strong, and probably heading for a wedding.