• Rachel Picks

    This book should be read by all. People need to learn social etiquette when it comes to their cell phone.

  • Jullian

    I’m always amazed at women who say they do so much and have time. I don’t believe it. Raising a family is a full time job in itself.

  • Zoey Jenkins

    I appreciate that this isn’t the point I am supposed to comment on, but how many of these “real housewives…” reality shows are there anyway? What is there, one for every major city in America?

  • Cheyenne Turner

    Congrats to Phaedra on having a second son.

  • Sue L

    Phaedra Parks is following a set path reality TV cast members all follow. Use their time in the limelight to springboard on to something else. Nothing wrong with that, and I respect Phaedra Parks more for writing a book than being another reality TV participant among what are becoming way too many. Hope she does well as an author.

  • Sarah W.

    Is this actually the title, “Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment”? If so, wow! Is there anything it will miss covering? It should be interesting though.

  • Nancy K

    Phaedra is such a dynamo with so much on the go. She’s an inspiration.

  • Dora J

    Being a Southern Belle herself, I guess Phaedra would be the perfect person to write a book called Secrets of the Southern Belle. I’m a Yankee so it will be an interesting and educational read I’m sure.