• Jannet

    Very good point! its not a joke and even celebrities should think twice before going into that stage. 

  • Angelo Wayne

    Marriage is not an easy thing to do because both person is bound to love and respect and make sure that nobody will get hurt during married life. 

  • Natalia

    One great responsibility not just towards your wife/husband and family but as well as to the society. 

  • Shanelle Robins

    A marriage in Vegas is very fun yet I prefer to get married in Church or a garden wedding. 

  • Brianne

    Getting married is not  joke, yet we need to make sure that we are ready emotionally, mentally and physically. To make sure that the marriage will be a successful one. 

  • Kevin

    Getting married isn’t a joke! Divorces are expensive…

  • Evalyn

    It’s so weird to think of people getting married as a publicity stunt, when gays and lesbians are fighting for the right to get married at all!

  • Justin

    My parents got married on a whim, in a court house. More than 40 years, and they are still securely together.

  • Tonya

    I think it’s pretty sad when you’ll go so far as to get married for a few days worth of publicity. Besides what that says about the state of marriage, what does that say about your career?