• Wayne S

    I hate Kim since she is now dating Kanye West. yuck

  • Myrtle

    For me, I called it quits when we no longer understand each other and a fight usually occurs during a conversation.

  • Celestine

    There will always this person who will ruin the relationship of a very much in love couple especially if your partner is a handsome one.

  • Paul

    Katy Pery doesn’t have the taste when it comes to choosing her man. Russell Brand doesn’t fit her image.

  • Taylor

    Divorce becomes a tradition for the celebrity couples whenever they want to call it a quit. I think most of them don’t see marriage as a sacred thing in a couples’ life to deal with.

  • Iris

    I think Kim Kardashian wanted fame when she filed a divorce after 72 days. Unfortunately, people are getting used to it. Be creative Kim and try something new this time!